Balance Bikes

Learn about the children’s bike that has replaced training wheels and tricycles!

How does the Balance Bike work?

Balance bikes are bikes without pedals for small children. 

Once the child is able to walk and steer the bike, the next & last step is learning to balance. When the child picks up speed on the balance bike, they can lift their feet and glide forward. They are able to stop by putting their feet back down. This is a safe and comfortable way for a child to learn how to balance on a bicycle and eventually transition to a pedal bike without training wheels.
Kids as young as 18 months can sit on a balance bike with their feet firmly on the ground. They move forward by walking with the bike. The stability of the balance bike helps children feel comfortable without the fear of falling over. 
Once children are comfortable going forward, they can learn to steer using the handlebar.
A balance bike provides the easiest & quickest transition to an adult bike without training wheels.

Why is a balance bike better than a tricycle or training wheels?

Balance bikes are designed to focus on learning the hardest part of cycling first: balance! 

​​​​​​​​​Balance bikes teach a child to ride a bike while balanced. Bikes with training wheels tilt to one side, training the child to ride a bike while unbalanced. They must unlearn this and then learn how to ride a bike properly. Using training wheels only prolongs the learning process of balancing. This causes added stress on the child and may make them avoid bike-riding altogether. 

Balance bikes enable children to ride faster and more easily compared to tricycles and bikes with training wheels.

When turning with tricycles and training wheels, children are forced to lean in the direction opposite of the turn to maintain their balance without tipping over. The child will have to correct this and learn to lean with the turn when transitioning to a two-wheeler. Balance bikes teach kids to steer the same way as an adult bike from the beginning. 

Did you know?

The first bicycle, invented in 1818, was essentially a balance bike. Called a “walking machine,” this first bike did not have pedals.

Our favorite balance bike: The Kinderbike

Kinderbike’s Laufrad balance bike model offers a sturdy ride with more & better features than the leading balance bike brand, and at a lower price, too!

There are many balance bikes on the market, but one stands out from the rest.

The Kinderbike comes standard with:

  • Sturdy, lightweight frame
  • A hand-brake to teach children to brake the same way as an adult bike. On a standard balance bike, kids brake using their feet. This hand-brake saves parents from buying extra pairs of shoes!
  • Real wheels with tires and inner tubes, as opposed to the mainstream plastic wheels that wear more quickly & end up costing more to replace
  • Adjustable seat post & handlebars allow kids to grow with a Kinderbike and skip a size 16” bike, going straight to a 20” bike after the balance bike.

For families with a quick learner or more than one child, the Morph is the way to go! The Morph is 2 bikes in one, easily converting from a balance bike to a pedal bike and back. Simply unscrew and slide out the balance bike attachment and slide in the pedal bike attachment. Screw the bolts back in with the included L-wrench, and your youngster is ready to ride! Watch the video to see just how easy it is!

Take a test ride: We keep balance bikes in stock at Bethany Bike Repair. Bring in your child to test ride one of our popular models.​​​​​​
Come to one of our summer Balance Bike Fun-Runs! We set up a balance bike course easy enough for the first-time rider and fun enough for the more seasoned balance biker. We provide a limited number of balance bikes to test ride, and children are encouraged to bring their own!
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