All new bicycles $200 or more are now subject to the $15 Oregon Bicycle Excise Tax. You can learn more about the new bike tax here.
Balance Bikes
Balance bikes are a great way for toddlers to learn the basics of bike riding. With balance bikes, kids walk with the bike and pick their feet up once they gain speed. This teaches them to balance and steer before moving on to a bike with pedals. We carry balance bikes from Sun Bikes and Kinderbike.

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Sun Bicycles  offers a basic, safe balance bike for your little one. Its adjustable seat/handlebars and sturdy build allow you to pass it down for years to come. $90
The Kinderbike  Laufrad offers a comfy ride with real rubber tires. They include a hand brake for an easy transition to a larger bike. Each Laufrad comes with an additional extra long seat post, which allows your child to bypass a 16" bicycle and go straight for a 20" after they outgrow their Kinderbike. Comes with bike bell and reflector. $130
The Morph by Kinderbike is two bicycles in one! Start out as a balance bike and easily convert to a pedal bike - and back. The Morph frame comes with two rear attachments: one with pedals and one without. When you want to switch the rear attachment, simply unscrew it and slide it out. Slide the other attachment in and screw it in to lock it in place. Two screws and wrench included.
Perfect for families with more than one kid! $240

Kids' 20" & 24" Bikes

The Flower Power and Matrix by Sun Bicycles are single-speed 20-inch bicycles. They come equipped with a rear hand brake and a coaster brake. Great for road or bike paths! $190
The Scout by  Sun Bicycles is a
7-speed, 24-inch bicycle. It comes equipped with hand brakes and offers a comfy ride for road or trail. $300

Adult Bikes

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The North Bay by Sun Bicycles is a comfort hybrid bicycle. It offers 21 speeds, a light frame, and 700c alloy wheels with quick release function. The upright "cruiser" style and plush saddle make for a comfy ride on both road and trail. Comes in a 15.5", 17.5", or 19" frame for women in purple or blue and 16.5", 18.5", or 20.5" frame for men in black or silver. $370
Refurbished Bikes

Stop by the shop or call ahead to check out our selection of refurbished bikes for sale. Refurbished bikes come and go faster than we can update the website!

Bike Accessories and Maintenance

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