Our Service Promise
Our promise to you is to provide quality repairs with a quick turnaround. With over ten years of industry experience, we are happy to service all kinds of bikes. From flat repairs to major tune up's, there is no repair too big or too small, and estimates are always free. 

Tune Up's

   Basic Tune Up – $90
Children’s bike $60 
Parts Extra
Labor to Install Parts Extra
Bike Wash
Lube all Cables and Chain
Adjust Brakes (Front and Rear)
Adjust Derailleurs (Front and Rear)
Adjust Bottom Bracket
True Wheels (Lateral)
Adjust Hubs (Front and Rear)
Adjust Headset
Torque Crank Arms, Chainring Bolts, Pedals, Stem, Bars, Seatpost, and Saddle
Test Ride
Quality Control Double Check
Call Customer
Save Old Parts
   Major Tune Up – $170
Parts Extra
Labor to Install Parts Included
Remove Derailleurs, Crank, and Bottom Bracket
Parts Wash
Frame Wash
Overhaul Hubs
Adjust Headset
True Wheels (Lateral and Radial)
Drive Train Clean
Rebuild Bike with New Cables, Housing, Brake Pads, and Chain
Lube all Cables, Chain, and Derailleur Pulleys
Replace Cassette, Tires, Grips, Bar Tape as Needed
Test Ride
Quality Control Double Check
Call Customer
Save Old Parts
Schedule a Tune Up
If you do not pick up your bike within a week of completion, we must charge a storage fee of $10/bike/week. As a small bike shop, we do not have the space to keep bikes here long after they are repaired. We work hard to get your bike back to you by the time we promise, and we appreciate you picking it up in a timely manner as well. Thank you!
A La Carte
Below are some of the most common services that we offer.  This is not an exhaustive list, and we do a wide range of repairs. If you do not see what you are looking for or are not sure what your bike needs, bring it in for a free estimate!  Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions: (971) 371-2062
   Drive Train
Drive Train Clean $35.00
Chain Install $15.00
Derailleur Install $20.00
Derailleur Adjust $15.00
Shifters Install (set) $80.00
Shift Cable Install $20.00
Install / Overhaul Bottom Bracket $40.00
Pedal Install $5.00​​
Bike Wash & Detail $45.00
Fork Install $45.00
Box Bike for Shipping $65.00
Assemble Bike $65.00
Headset Install / Overhaul $40.00
Pedal Overhaul $40.00​​
Caliper Install (set) $50.00
Caliper Adjust $15.00
Brake Cable Install $20.00
Pads Install (one set/front or rear) $20.00
Brake Bleed / per wheel $40.00
Tape Install $15.00
Grip Install $5.00
Handlebar Swap $40.00 - 60.00​​
Computer Install $20.00
Calibrate Computer $15.00
Full Fender Install $40.00
Baby Seat Install $40.00
Rack Install $20.00
Mirror Install $10.00​​
Minor True $25.00
Major True $35.00
Replace Spoke (Front) $35.00
Replace Spoke (Rear) $40.00
Tube/Tire Install $10.00
Tubular Glue/Install $65.00
  1. Derailleur Adjustment
    Derailleur Adjustment
  2. Hub Adjustment
    Hub Adjustment
  3. Wheel True
    Wheel True
  4. Brake Adjustment
    Brake Adjustment
  5. Bike Build
    Bike Build
  6. Bike Wash
    Bike Wash