Home Builds Gone Wrong
We see a lot of at-home bicycle builds gone wrong. Unless you are a bicycle professional, we do not recommend building your own bike. When you buy a bike online, it arrives partially assembled in a box. Unlike Ikea furniture, building a bicycle is not as easy as simply assembling it. Without the proper tools and knowledge of a bicycle mechanic, your bike could end up extremely unsafe. Always make sure your new bike was built by a professional. We are happy to build it for you at a great rate!​​
Check the gallery below for before & after pictures from this rebuild. See the difference a professional build makes!
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BONUS: Department Store Builds Gone Wrong

This bicycle was assembled incorrectly by a department store. Not only were the handlebars loose, the brake levers were installed while the handlebars were upside down. When the handlebars are in the right position, the brake levers are unusable. Department store bike builds can be even more dangerous than home builds because the customer assumes the bike was built correctly. In reality, department store bikes get assembled by regular employees who most likely have no bike mechanic experience. Unless you bought your bike from a bike shop, always get it checked out by a pro before you ride it!